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Elizabeth Petersen

Brett Cohen

Vice President:
Elizabeth Trappe

Liz Trappe

Rebecca Cohen

Gillian Batchasingh

Rich Riskel

Asst. Sergeant:
Francesca Mondelli

Mark Idsall

Training / IfC Officer:
Liz Trappe

Gillian Batchasingh


The Beginning of Pine Bush Ambulance

For several years, the Pine Bush and Wallkill area were serviced by the Crist Ambulance Service. In 1958, this ambulance service was discontinued. The area was without any local emergency medical services.

Ralph Brach, a local businessman, was interested in having an ambulance service established. The need for such a service became apparent when a Pine Bush resident suffered a heart attack in 1962, and died. The incident prompted Mr. Brach to arrange a meeting at the Pine Bush Lumber Company early in 1963. the meeting was attended by Greg Greer Sr., Frank Burger, Dave Rosenbaum, Ralph Brach and Ben Kunin, a founder of the Walden Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

As a result of the meeting, notices were posted at various places in Pine Bush, requesting all persons interested in forming an ambulance corps, to sign names and addresses. A month later, letters were written to those who had signed up, inviting them to a meeting at the High View Inn in Pine Bush. Nearly eighty people attended the meeting. In a short time the total of volunteers would be more than ninety.

In the following months, officers and trustees were elected, three man crews were established, funds were raised, and volunteers took classes to become certified in first aid treatment and procedures.

On August 1, 1963, the Pine Bush Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps inaugurated service on a 24-hour basis. The Corps was established, and continues, through the efforts of determined and dedicated local citizens.


Here is the list of the original officers from August 1, 1963

President - L. Crosby Decker,  Vice President - Margaret Phillips, Secretary - Robert Gustafson, Treasurer - Frank Mastrogiacomo

Trustees: Ralph Brach, Robert Foote, Frank Berger

Line Officers: Captain - Eugene Phillips,  Ass't Captain - Joseph Schumanski, Lieutenant - Nicholas Russo, Sergeant - Evelyn Teller, Building Supervisor - Henry Hass, Financial Secretary - Lelia Zanetti, Historian - Gloria Wood

Dispatchers: Mr & Mrs Gerstmann,  Mr & Mrs Adrian Dewitt, Sr., Mr & Mrs Adrian Dewitt, Jr.

Corp Members: Frank Bickle, Murray Bilmes, Ronald Brach, William Brock, Doris Callan, William Chantrell, Jacqueline Coppola, Loraine Decker, Horace Greaves, Rose Haas, Janet Larsen, Helen Low, Irene Moeller, Margaret Napolitano, Michale Olenik, Marion Scott, Arlene Sinsabaugh, Douglas Teller, Bernice Tweddle, Robert Wilson

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